Tuesday, January 24, 2006

5:33 and counting

While waiting for the end of the day, looking out the window panes and shirking from any thought of going out into the open while it's drizzling, reading through blogs about everything I can find, and avoiding edible temptation over by the office pantry, I realize that it's time to update this blog. Golly gee, 13 days since my last post or two. Time flies, it'll be christmas again before I realize it.

Financially speaking, January is the biggest bummer. I've get a debt load to sink the Titanic, yet I'm smiling through it. Will not allow MONEY pull me down. But I must rethink my plans. Hong Kong and Macau will probably be scuttled. An offer to join friends for an authentic Songkran trip to Chiang Mai will probably not work out either. And if the work trip to Montreal doesn't get sponsorship money, then I'm down to Mongolia. And I'm invested in Tubbataha, though I suppose if I had to, I'd probably step back from that just to save money for Mongolia.

I'm also going to depend on the family car a lot more, to save on transportation expenses. Fall back as cabs cost cash. And avoiding eating out is a good thing. The occasional food trip isn't a bad thing, simply a more concerted effort towards finding options. For example, a free day at the CCP this Sunday, a tip care of fellow blogger and streetwalker Carlos Celdran, will be a better day option than wasting time and brain cells in the mall or watching insipid films (Cheaper by the Dozen 2, or Underworld. Straight to dvd for both of you!).

But speaking of films, I was glad to see another post in the blogosphere that Brokeback Mountain will be opening soon. After some detective work, I've texted friends to join me in mid-February for a movie night. I'm looking forward to seeing the film. Would like to find the short story, but it's not on any of the published short story collections of Annie Proux available in local bookstores. If anyone has a copy, let me know.

Reaching through the virtual void, I've also made contact with fellow poker wannabees, and should have an actual poker night one day. Looking forward to that. Will probably loose my shirt. Am too cautious a gambler to make the bold moves needed to win big pots. Watching the game on cable, I find myself thinking how ruthless the winners are, something I'm not. I'd just enjoy meeting people, eating bad food, drinking some wine while losing all my money.

I have hazelnuts! From another blog, plans are afoot to make homemade Nutella. Wonder if that's a good saleable item? Nah, it's too easy to get the commercial version in the markets.

Cable is evil. I haven't opened any of my new books since the cable was installed. All I end up doing is turning on the tv and watching people do silly things. And thinking of all the unhealthy things I'd like to eat while watching the adolescent shenanigans. There does seem to be a correlation with the amount of time I don't get to spend cleaning to the hours lazying on the sofa watching telly. I'm turning into a slob! Vicious image indeed.


Lori said...

I haven't heard from you on my blog in AGES! What up, girl! :P

Mila Tan said...

Watching cable Lori! hehehe, i am reading your posts, through and through. everything's so perfect though, so i just drool a lot over the pictures.

ChichaJo said...

Hi Mila! Damn that cable! I don't have a TV in my room and all my friends think I'm such a throwback :(

I hear ya on the debt issue...oooh, am so going through that right now. Where does it all go???

dwainlane9639 said...
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Mila Tan said...

Chichajo - you're getting married, got to save up all your dinero for the big day, the big move, the life changes etc. I, on the other hand, am just a profligate spender without any retirement plans (although there's a retirement fund at the office thank goodness).
Stay cable free. Your life will thank you for it.

wysgal said...

I actually don't have time to watch regularly broadcasted cable TV.

So I end up downloading entire Seasons of TV shows (and new episodes of newer shows like Grey's Anatomy, Commander in Chief, etc). Which I think uses up even MORE time. =)

Mila Tan said...

I have sets of dvds just waiting to be watched, so as soon as I've conquered the cable abyss, I'll spend more time watching Wonder Woman, Frasier, Nip/Tuck, and Northern Exposure.
Am looking forward to getting the Lost, House, and other dvd sets in May.

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