Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cashews and Durian chips

I had to stop by Market!Market and found that there's a whole new wing I hadn't seen before. There are signs for a new Korean market, and potted plants are on sale. A whole row of food carts are also up selling packaged chichiriya (snacks and other miscellaneous food products), sausages, peeled chestnuts, and assorted Asian edibles. One of the food carts sells Thai munchies, under the brand Aloi. What that means is a mystery to me, I should probably ask my Thai friends if that word means anything. Aloi has several outlets in different malls, usually near the movie theaters for those of us who don't think popcorn is the end all and be all of movie snacks. I'm particularly addicted to the durian chips (doesn't have the pungency of fresh durian, and may seemingly be healthier than potato chips...not) and their roasted bangkok cashews.

Nuts are great snacks. I'm a long time fan of boiled peanuts, roasted almonds (ooh, the ones in the States that are soy flavored are wonderful), macadamias, and nuts in chocolate are great. Cashews can be difficult to get, good ones, not the burnt to a mealy crisp or somewhat rancid tasting. So I've been happy with the quality, size and flavor of the Aloi cashews. The few times I buy them, they taste fresh, are of uniform size and color, and aren't heavily salted.

Aloi sells their nuts, candies and other items by the 100g, and they're not the cheapest, but at least I don't have too many surprises eating their stuff.


carlosceldran said...

Bumped into that place last week too. Not much open though but looks promising.

ChichaJo said...

Hmmm...have seen them at Shangri-la mall...will try out the cashews...I love nuts too! :) And I don't think popcorn is the be-all and end-all of movie snacks, so I'm always looking for alternatives. Me and my fiancee like taking Majestic ham bits to the movies...yum!

who me? said...

funny. my nickname is aloi. a thai friend says it means "delicious". apt. come visit me at

(btw, i only maintain this site so i can make comments :)

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